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  • Antenatal Session
    April 13, 2016 / Comments Off on Antenatal Session / Services

    The Wellmom antenatal sessions program is spread over 15 sessions .This includes sessions on the basic exercise introduction,diet and nutrition , labor preparation , breast feeding ,breathing and relaxation and also early baby care.Each wellmom antenatal session is divided into four basic segments …. The seated segment Each session begins with each participant performing mild

  • Exercise during pregnancy
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    In a normal ,healthy pregnancy we encourage expecting mothers to follow a specially designed exercise module at home on a daily basis .This programme is monitored and upgraded on a weekly basis as per the stage and requirement of pregnancy. “Listen to your body “is the mantra we follow at WELLMOM .Our programs includes Range

  • Responsible Parenting Session
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    Responsible Parenting is a continuous learning process we learn every moment, every day. The bottom line is that we should try to understand our children instead of trying to change them. It is the responsibility of the parent to promote stability, schedule, order and give a firm foundation to the child however while working in

  • Mom & Baby Session
    April 13, 2016 / Comments Off on Mom & Baby Session / Services

    A session specially designed for new moms and babies up to one year….we understand that stepping into parenthood comes with its own set of challenges and confusions .These interactive sessions include open ended discussions about early baby care topics like development and growth of baby, breastfeeding ,sleep issues , taking care of baby hygiene, massage therapy and technique and many more What can be better

  • Mind & Body Session for IVF
    April 13, 2016 / Comments Off on Mind & Body Session for IVF / Services

    Success in ivf is achieved by the interplay of many factors, the most important being a relaxed mind and body. If one learns to use a relaxed brain to visualize in a guided atmosphere and connect to the body, then a positive physical response is expected, this improves fertility and wellbeing. In these sessions we

  • Wellbaby Development Sessions
    April 13, 2016 / Comments Off on Wellbaby Development Sessions / Services

    These sessions are designed for toddlers and children up to seven years of age.Children need a balanced diet of play that gives them sensory , motor and emotional stimulation which helps in their development and growth We offer age appropriate challenges for development of balance , co ordination ,cognitive ,gross motor and fine motor skills along with building up confidence and social skills. Moms

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About Wellmom

We strive to prepare you physically and mentally for a healthy pregnancy, a positive birthing experience and beyond.

The WELLMOM specially designed program includes trimester wise exercises which are of course the mainstay of the session, advice on diet and nutrition, preparation for delivery by joint stretching, muscle strengthening exercises, building endurance , increasing posture and body awareness , combating the various challenges faced during pregnancy ,etc . By these sessions we try to arm you with proper knowledge and tools to prepare you physically and psychologically for the childbirth process


View More There are n number of pre natal and post natal classes going on in the town. But Dr Rashmi is unique as thr is sense of belonging ness which is remarkable. I still remember her calling me at 10 at night and trying to ease me!! Thanks a lot . -Ishmeet