About Us

About Us

Welcome to WELLMOM antenatal sessions.

We strive to prepare you physically and mentally for a healthy pregnancy, a positive birthing experience and beyond.

The WELLMOM specially designed program includes trimester wise exercises which are of course the mainstay of the session, advice on diet and nutrition, preparation for delivery by joint stretching, muscle strengthening exercises, building endurance , increasing posture and body awareness , combating the various challenges faced during pregnancy ,etc . By these sessions we try to arm you with proper knowledge and tools to prepare you physically and psychologically for the childbirth process.

Relaxation and breathing exercises are an integral part of the session. These build endurance and help to manage stress and keep undue tensions at bay.

Special breast feeding sessions are organised wherein we educate the expecting parents about the positions and methods of breast feeding, the common problems faced and ways to cope up with the same. Through this we intend to help mothers to breast feed by support, encouragement, information and education to promote a better understanding of breast feeding.

Early baby care is also taken up to prepare you for healthy and informed parenting.

WELLMOM offers you the opportunity to meet and mingle with others who are in the same beautiful phase of life as you are, share your fears and problems and come to myth breaking solutions to the same.

So come let’s take steps toward healthy parenting.