Antenatal Session

Antenatal Session
April 13, 2016 Comments Off on Antenatal Session Services admin

The Wellmom antenatal sessions program is spread over 15 sessions .This includes sessions on the basic exercise introduction,diet and nutrition , labor preparation , breast feeding ,breathing and relaxation and also early baby care.Each wellmom antenatal session is divided into four basic segments ….

The seated segment

Each session begins with each participant performing mild stretching exercise while sitting on mats. Slowly and rhythmically we target each and every joint and take it through its range of motion with mild stretches .
The session proceeds with specific exercises to release tiredness and tensions. This also helps to decrease the so called discomforts of pregnancy . Specific attention is paid to heighten awareness of the pelvic floor and work on it as well as strengthening and toning the abdominal and low back muscles.

Kneeling and standing segment

In this segment we encourage being on all fours and rocking activities so as to bring flexibility in the mother’s body’s nod encourage good posture. Upright postures are taught and emphasised upon .Exercises are also done to increase body endurance so that these postures can be attained for a long time.

The topic if the day segment

In this segment we discuss the pre decided topic of the day.
This topic is conveyed to the participants beforehand so that they can be ready with their doubts and apprehensions if any are discussed .

Breathing and relaxation segment

Specific breathing techniques are introduced weekly so as to prepare the expecting mother for labor . We help you to practice all types of breathing so that the participants are confident and prepared to take the contractions of labor .

We end our session with relaxation training and definitely an interactive volley if questions